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Corporate Communications and PR

Corporate Communications and PR

Every entity (whether it’s an organization, business or individual) has an identity, and therefore has an image, a reputation and a set of messages that assist it to achieve set goals. The success of this brand depends on how the entity strategizes and channels it’s human, financial and technical resources to convey the right message to internal and external stakeholders. As such, we have a set of services geared to assist organizations or individuals define and take ownership of their brand’s identity, message and leadership.

Enhancing internal corporate communications through:

Communications systems design and engineering
Public Image and Soft skills training
Team building facilitation

Public Relations and External Communications:

Communications systems design and engineering
Advisory on and management of Online, Digital, social media
Multimedia solutions, including Video Production, Commercial Photography and multimedia promotional materials
Media content production
Government relations advisory

Event management

“Redefining ‘Stress-free’ and ‘innovative’ and innovative event management"

So many things can go wrong before, during and even after any given event: failing to secure host government support to assist with VIP protocol and Visa facilitation, last minute flaws in printed materials, delegates reach their hotels to find their bookings cancelled, etc. These are just a fraction of some of the challenges that a properly qualified and resourced event manager can help solve. Newmark Events is a powerful one-stop-shop for event planning, branding, communication, logistic, PR and media management serving Government entities, NGO/development sector as well as corporations.

1. Event planning

Event design
Event Budgeting
Event media and promotion planning

2. Advisory services

Advisory on Agenda and Speaker arrangement
Advisory on end-to-end VIP and delegate management
Advisory on event logistics
Event media and promotion advisory

3. Event management and services

Event staffing
Event logistics management
Event multimedia communications
Event setups and engineering
Interpretation, translation, multilingual communication

Multimedia communications and application development

Effective communication has become more about interaction. It is no longer about talking at your audience, but about engaging the audience in a conversation. As such, our communications solutions are not only structured to allow for relevance and reach, they are also comprehensive enough to cater for a wide spectrum of audiences, sectors, and messages. This area of our business is managed by our Newmark Interactive team.

According to us, the characteristics of a qualified communications consultant included:

  • The right people: Innovative, well-informed, self-motivated, fast learners,
  • The right tools: State-of-the-art equipment, gear and software
  • The right setup: sustainable institutional structure, strategies that get results
We not only meet these criteria, but we also have:
  • A great track record,
  • A hunger for doing things right, down to the smallest detail,
  • A strong desire to leave the world better and more sustainable than we found it,

1. Video production,

Documentary film production
Ads and Promo videos
Online video
Animated videos
Event and wedding videography

2. Professional photography

Event and Wedding photography,
Commercial and product photography
Portrait photography

3. Live streaming and web casting

On-site streaming
Event broadcasting and webcasting


Conference interpretation involves the transfer of live proceedings from one language to another, simultaneously or consecutively. This calls for specific expertise and training, all of which are a key feature of Newmark’s international conference interpreters, who are all UN-certified.


Newmark’s state of the art Conference interpretation equipment includes

Conference Discussion Systems (push to talk)
Interpreter Booths
Infrared language distribution systems
(chairman / delegate units)
  • infrared receivers
  • infrared transmitters
  • infrared radiators

Newmark’s Document Translation

Document translation is the conversion of various texts from/into various languages. Not only do we have one of the largest pools of translators on the continent, we are also the best in terms of turn-around time and quality. Our secret? Simply our customer-focus and our quality-centric approach in our processes.
Our pool of translators are famed for their consistency as well as specialization in different areas of expertise. Our translated documents are subjected to thorough proof-reading to avoid committal of mistakes

Newmark Conference interpreters.

At a time when multilingual conferences are becoming ever more specialized and technically complex, when the number of working languages is increasing as rapidly as the use of consecutive is declining, and when newly-fledged (and sometimes decidedly under-fledged) colleagues are being hastily drafted in to fill ever more booths, there is a pressing need to acquire the best quality and standards in conference interpretation and to generally  recognize that the profession’s reputation for quality and integrity rests on the sum of our individual efforts to secure it.
Being UN and AiiC certified, Newmark conference interpreters take pride in being the most widely experienced with the ability and knowledge to cover conferences of a wide range of topic and a myriad of magnitudes ranging from small board meetings to extensive conferences and conventions. Our conference interpreters have the expertise to cover the following types of interpretation:
  • Simultaneous interpretation: Inside soundproof booths, interpreters equipped with headphones and microphones simultaneously translate proceedings into another language for audience members who have been provided with receivers and headphones. This is the type of interpretation most often used for conferences, symposiums, speeches and committee hearings.
  • Consecutive, elbow or liaison interpretation: The interpreter uses no equipment, but translates the proceedings directly for his/her client in a low voice. The client's responses are translated in a louder voice so that other participants can hear and understand the client's comments. The interpreter listens and takes notes, then renders the comments in the other language. It should be noted that consecutive interpretation can double the length of a meeting, while elbow and liaison interpretation are suitable only for private meetings or tours of facilities like laboratories and factories.

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