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Corporate Communications and PR

Market Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges for businesses today is that they often focus on the most tactical aspects of marketing instead of strategies. They forget that the most important part of marketing is understanding the market itself; what customers want, how to align your products to their needs and how they buy. When running any business, it is vital that you know exactly who your target market is.

Start-ups and new ideas often fail not because the idea or the business is wrong, but because gaining a critical understanding of the real market is given a low priority, meaning the business or idea isn’t pitched to the right consumer in the right way from the get-go. On top of this, a lack of understanding around the role the target market plays in the purchase process can also add to the problem, resulting in misguided or irrelevant marketing communications that consistently fails to hit the mark.

With our extensive experience in market intelligence, we provide you with qualitative research analyzing your market position. We constantly engage in market research to establish and have a grasp of consumer needs and their mindset. With such tools and data at our disposal we actually derive meaningful insights, and hence convert knowledge into action for clients.

Visibility Management

Every business wants a brand that is portrayed as capable and trustworthy, and the best in the industry for the service they provide. One big mistake business owners make is thinking that branding is simply just making a logo. Creating a brand for your business is much more than just creating a logo. It involves everything from creating a visual identity, building your brand’s personality and finding your voice as a business.

Visual identity is the visual aspect of branding that communicates the overall message, values, and promise of a brand. It is a symbol, a set of key words and phrases, and carefully chosen design principles (e.g. colors and layout). This identity must be part of all communications of the brand.

Successful brands rely to a great extent on a powerful visual identity. That includes elements such as imagery, color, layout, logo, and tagline. When it is used consistently and correctly, a visual identity becomes a recognized and respected mark for an entire organization. The visual identity of an organization can clearly raise or lower its stakes in terms communicating to the stakeholders as well as establishing the brand perception.

Take up your quest for winning visual identity for either corporates, brands, products or events through these services:
Public Relations
Digital Marketing
Content Production
Web Development
Graphic design
Multimedia including Video Production, Commercial Photography and Live Streaming and webcasting


Reputation is the prevailing impression of an organization and social evaluation that people make based on their actual experiences with its products or services. For brands, building a corporate reputation necessitates a degree of self-promotion to gain the necessary visibility. However, in today’s digital age, reputation management has become more complex, given the accelerated news cycle and the influence of digital and social media where impressions, whether based in fact or fiction, are freely shared.

Given that reputation is one of your company’s greatest assets, our ideal approach to corporate reputation management is by combining PR tactics with content marketing. By using our media relations skills and expertise, the positive visibility achieved through earned media coverage or endorsements by subject-matter experts are some of the ways to influence expectations to bulletproof your corporate reputation.

As reputation management consultants, we have helped clients build and preserve a positive image through the following tools:


A business is as complex as an individual and without consistent engagement, the influence of brands declines and organizations often lose out on their internal and external stakeholders. 

Organizations therefore need to give their employees, who are often considered as brand ambassadors, the same sense of importance as they give their customers so as to have a direct and positive relationship between employee engagement and the overall company growth. More so, both types of communication are important to the longevity of any company.

At Newmark, we consider a well-designed communications plan as a strategic asset for a brand or an organization. We help you develop your internal brand story and strategic direction necessary to manifest positive outcomes for your business.

In this regards, we partner with global and local brands to:


Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is a strategy that not only attracts an organization’s audience, but also presents an opportunity for them to experience products or service first-hand. In the long-run, this can build relationships, increase customer loyalty, convey information, enhance brands perception, generate leads and sell products.

Newmark excels at creating value-adding experiential properties to suit the goals and markets of our clients. We offer you customized experiential marketing campaigns that establish a human connection which impacts consumers and influencers through brand experiences and thereby cause behavior change both at emotional and rational response levels.

Our experimental marketing programmes include:

Be Exceptional!
Think Exceptional


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