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Africa has come a long way, economic policies, political stability, and the business environment all have improved, making the region a target for foreign direct investment, which reached USD 56.5billion in 2016. This has helped to mobilize savings and direct funds into productive uses, for example by providing start-up capital for the next innovative enterprise.  As a result, it facilitates a more efficient allocation of resources and increases overall productivity, improves the management of risks, makes payments easier, and helps lenders better monitor their clients. In addition, it provides instruments, such as insurance packages and ensuring more stable consumption and investment.

The region has led the world in innovative financial services based on mobile telephony. The development of mobile telephone-based systems has helped to incorporate a large share of the population into the financial system, especially in East Africa. The fast spread of systems such as M-Pesa, M-Shwari, and M-Kopa in Kenya has helped reduce transaction costs and facilitate personal transactions even in the absence of traditional financial infrastructure. At the same time, microfinance has grown rapidly, providing services to customers at the lower end of the income distribution and Pan-African banks now have a presence in the vast majority of African countries. Their expansion has filled gaps in services left by international banks, promoted greater economic integration, and made the sector more competitive. Empirical estimates suggest that financial development has supported growth and reduced its volatility in Africa. It has helped mobilize and allocate financial resources, and facilitated other economic policies in enhancing growth and stabilizing the economy.

Corporate communication is an age-old way to build trust and credibility, and is particularly useful for the financial services sector. Through the development of strategy, formulation of messages, specific and measurable objectives and innovative tactics for implementation, Newmark offers firms in this sector a solid communication strategy that takes them to the next level by building trust, while educating and connecting with audiences. We help financial services corporations achieve their goals by having an active voice in media and online, and earn positive media exposure.


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