Since 2000, much of sub-Saharan Africa has experienced rapid economic growth: the region’s economy more than doubled in size to reach $2.7 trillion in 2013, although rapid population growth means that GDP per capita increased more slowly (about 45%). Policies are being put in place in many countries aimed at expanding domestic energy provision, and energy demand in sub-Saharan Africa has been growing steadily.

The region’s largest energy demand centres are Nigeria and South Africa, which together account for more than 40% of total energy demand. Sub-Saharan Africa is rich in energy resources. Huge renewable resources remain untapped; excellent solar across all of Africa, hydro in many countries, wind mainly in coastal areas and geothermal in the East African Rift Valley. A significant proportion of recent world oil and gas discoveries were made in sub-Saharan Africa; and partnerships, investments and policies are shaping up to turn these discoveries into production which will result into revenues that will have a massive impact on economies in the region.

The Newmark Group has provided support to key global players in the Oil and Gas and Power sectors, including leading brands such as GE Power, whose footprint has been growing steadily in the sector on the continent. Leveraging our Public Affairs, Strategy and Reputation Management experts, our corporate partners are able to not only understand the market place, but also activate strategies that keep them ahead of the pack. 

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