Internship is a crucial learning phase for trainees as they stand to greatly benefit from valuable work experience. It is also one of the strategies to meet the employer’s staffing needs from time to time.

Newmark  will give you a first-hand working environment and a chance to work with people in the communication and public relations.Here you will work directly with a wide selection of audiences from organisations to companies and learn how to bring a multicultural , authentic, localized and global approach to messaging, outreach and engagement. You will be exposed to high-profile conferences and  participate in meetings.

You will be given the amount of work you can handle as far as your initial stage of growth is concerned, however, you will be expected to assume an  analytical approach an develop a growth structure in the communication spectrum with time.   

Newmark offers internship opportunities  to individuals willing to sharpen their skills in:

  • Public relations
  • Corporate communications 
  • Multimedia
  • Finance 
  • Marketing
  • Conference management 
  • Events and travel
  • Web development and design
  • Creative design
  • Interpretation and translation

Application Steps



Any Intern wishing to pursue the above career opportunities offered will be required to apply through our email addresses copy to They will receive notification within 24 hours on the availability of an opening. Not more than four interns will be allowed at any given time.  Details of age, residential address, next of kin (who to contact in case of emergencies), work history, Secondary School grade will be carefully looked into and must appear in the application form.

Enthusiasm and passion is  required. At the end of the internship period, both parties will have the opportunity to review, renew or terminate the offer.



As part of our endevour to have an updated  learning progress we evaluate our interns right from the minute they join the company through a monthly practicum diary..



  1. All applicants must be above 18 years of age with no criminal record living in a considerable radius within the company’s  physical location and having gone through a communication or related field in college or university. This can be locally or overseas.
  2. The intern will complete a monthly time sheet and submit it to the Internship Coordinator at Newmark at the end of the internship period.
  3. All interns will be assigned account managers to whom they are to report to.
  4. Interns are subject to the prescribed dress code and must maintain appropriate professional business attire. Such casual dressings as jeans, shorts, sandals or revealing tattoos are not accepted. Fridays are dress down days when casuals are allowed but these casual wears are not to be overdone.
  5. The official working hours are  08.00hrs - 17.00 hrs , Monday - Friday. The only exceptions are during class time, local holidays or during assignments that prompt working outside the confines of these hours
  6. Continuing Students need to notify the company on their  class timetable so that that provision is allowed for such.
  7. For continuing students, we require them  to get their internship letters from their respective deans for  profiling purposes. We believe internship will give you an opportunity to grow and  learn and as such we give no allowances as we would not charge for the same. Initially you will be allocated duties within your level as you progress. 
  8. We do not offer medical cover and therefore such will be borne by the individuals joining the company.


You will gain meaningful, real‐world experience in research, planning, implementation and evaluation through:

  • Developing confidence and marketable skills
  • Preparing news releases, articles, fact sheets
  • Enhancing the organization’s social media presence, blogs etc
  • Participating in strategy meetings, conference calls, media interviews;

  • Monitoring media coverage
  • Creating and developing media coverage report
  • Supporting special events and site tours; and much more!

Be Exceptional!
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