Africa: Network Aims to Promote African Women as 'Gamechangers'

Woman journalists across Africa are being invited to join a network which aims to achieve better coverage of initiatives led by women and children and of the issues that affect them.

The "Women in Media Network" is the brainchild of the civil society trust formed by Graça Machel, the advocate for women’s and children's rights, former Mozambican cabinet minister and leader of United Nations initiatives on development and the effects of armed conflict on children.

Announcing the network on Monday, Mrs Machel said: "We need to give more space in media for women to tell their own stories in their own way and to include the views expressed by the children of Africa.

"I hope that by establishing this network we will motivate other media houses to more equally reflect the ‘Faces and Voices’ of women and children in media."

Initially 30 to 40 women from countries in East, West, Central and Southern Africa will be invited to join the network. The trust said it had identified women "considered to be media influencers in their own right and enjoy a large social and traditional media footprint and legacy..." as inaugural members.


This post first appeared on allAfrica. Click here to read more from the original site.

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