W.H.O.’s Digital Health Delivers Speedy Services in Isolated Areas

In this ever-changing world, where technology combines with efficiency to create opportunities that can improve the way we “do things” – many governments and organisations are attempting to keep pace.

The World Health Organisation Africa Health Forum is a meet-up with some of the leading experts in the health industry to try and address these current challenges, and to work out the unique opportunities that utilising technology can bring.

One of many challenges with healthcare service delivery in Africa is infrastructure. Scores of people in isolated areas struggle to fully access hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. When they do, some of those medical institutions aren’t equipped with enough medication, doctors and nurses due to financial constraints.

While the World Health Organisation (W.H.O) looks to partner with different sectors to improve the healthcare system in the continent, it’s also invested in advancing digital health, through eHealth (Electronic health). The programme is particularly advantageous to people living in rural, isolated areas as well as understaffed hospitals.

This post was syndicated from CGTN Africa. Click here to read more from the original website.

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